Our Vision & Mission

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Customers are our main focus and we work for their success. We consider ourselves ambassadors of Atlas. We make all decisions and actions with awareness to create value for our customers also creating customer loyalty through long lasting close relationships with prosperity.Our customer relations are based on flexibility,stability,speed and solution with high quality products and services.We continually strive to be one step ahead of the competition.  


We anticipate our customers individually and design our products according to the customer needs and demands.When customer needs change we endeavor to formulate prompt solutions with proactive approach.Their priorities are our priorities.  


We are reliable also establish open and honest relationships. We pursue relationships based on transparency,persistence,mutual trusting and integrity with our employees,customers,suppliers, shareholders and our business partners. 


Working principles of Atlas based on keeping promises,making right decisions and actions as a consistent whole. We do not give promises which we are unable to be fulfilled regardless of the circumstances.Each one of us act with the vision of preserving and rising our reputation.All our customers that use our products and/or services experience the assurance that comes in working with Atlas.


We express fair competition,we act with the principles of goodwill,understanding and fairness within the sphere of codes, conduct and law in order to for all of our relationships to be mutually beneficial.We put every effort in to the improvement and institutionalization of the sectors in which we are involved as well as the entire business world.